The Exponents celebrate 30 years with show in Christchurch
by on October 17, 2011 in Tours

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“Four of us moved from Timaru to Christchurch. All we were looking for was a drummer. We put up a poster in C.J.’s Music Store. No one replied. Then we put up another poster in C.J.’s Music Store saying we were opening before Pop Mechanix at Sweetwaters. That’s when we met a mature handsome 16 year old Nelson lad called Michael. We were impressed and he had a car!  There was a condition though. He said he would only join if his bass playing mate could join too. That turned out to be a reputable Omaruvian reprobate called Dave Gent. Within a week we played our first Dance Exponents gig opening for Zero Bars at the Hillsborough Tavern on October 15th 1981. The day of the worlds stage”.   Jordan Luck, The Exponents

Its 2011 and The Exponents – formerly The Dance Exponents – have now been part of our lives for 30 years. To mark this major milestone they will perform one very special 30th anniversary show “back where it all began”, in Christchurch.

The Dance Exponents debuted on the 15th October 1981, on front-man Jordan Luck’s 20th birthday, playing at the Hillsborough Tavern in Christchurch.

The Exponents (Jordan Luck, Brian Jones, Michael “Harry” Harallambi, & Dave Gent) will return to Christchurch and play at The Ferrymead Speights Ale House on Thursday 10th November. The Speights Ale House is the closest venue to the Hillsborough Tavern which burnt to the ground two years ago.

It’s a holiday in Christchurch the next day so you can party just like it was in 1981. This is going to be an unmissable show so book early!

Tickets are on sale from midday, Friday 21 October and can be purchased via Ticketmaster  / 0800 111 999, Ticketek  / 0800 842 538 and from the venue, Ferrymead Speights Ale House, 2a Waterman Place 03) 376 4071.


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