RELEASED: September, 1994
ARTIST: The Exponents
LABEL: Mercury
PRODUCER: David Hemming

Producer: David Hemming
NZ Release: September 1994
NZ Chart Peak: #9 (6 Wks)
Format: CD, Cassette & Digital Album
Catalogue: Mercury 522913-2

Deluxe edition re-issued digitally in 2013
CD & Cassette now unavailable

1. Happy Loving People
2. Like She Said
3. Fate
4. Losing You
5. Don’t Say Goodbye
6. House Of Love
7. Day By Day
8. Couple Of Things
9. Helen
10. It Didn’t And It Does
11. Baby I’ll See You Later (Hidden Track)

2013 Digital Deluxe Edition includes 6 extra tracks:

12. So This Is Love
13. I’ll Say Goodbye Even Though I’m Blue (Live)
14. Whatever Happened to Tracey (Live)
15. Sometimes (Live)
16. Erotic (Live)
17.Why Does Love Do This To Me (Live)

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